Poly Gives Back With Thanksgiving Drive

With Thanksgiving coming up, family, friends, and neighbors are ready to show gratitude and thankfulness by giving back. Poly also celebrates the season of thankfulness every year by giving back to the community with the canned food drive.
Every year clubs are able to participate in this tradition by informing their members about the opportunity to give back to the community. The canned food drive allow members to bring in canned food and from there all the work is handled. The canned food then circulates back to the Long Beach Community to those in need.
Many are more than enthusiastic to be able to give their members an open resource to actively be involved in. Which creates a more festive vibe during the holiday season. This year clubs got together to donate boxes of mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, instant potatoes, canned vegetables, cranberry sauce, gravy and more.
The amount of time put into the Thanksgiving drive is also substantial. Audrey Deth from ASB stated that the “time we take for a drive, that involves student, takes a while because we need to make sure there is enough time for students to get the items they are donating and to have time to organize.”
Other clubs hosted their own events for the holiday food drive. For example, Reviver, an environmentalist club at Poly hosted their own Canned Food Drive. Wendy Ngau, the Vice President of Reviver, stated that they “have reached out to around 15 teachers that are willing to participate by encouraging students to donate canned or imperishable food. Which they will collect and give to Long Beach Rescue Missions.” Reviver makes sure that members of their club are able to participate as well by allowing them to go to the Long Beach Rescue Mission during Sunday Kiss to organize and serve food.
During this holiday season remember to be to give back to your community. Sitting down and enjoying a Thanksgiving meal will be more fulfilling knowing that you provided a warm meal to others! With the completion of another year of the food drive, hopefully the canned food drive is one tradition that will never fade. With the end of the food drive, the thankfulness of the holiday season isn’t yet over; the Christmas toy drive is on its way and clubs are eager to bring toys that will be distributed to children in need during the Holiday Project on December 7th.