“Hiccups”, a Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese fusion restaurant

Hiccups is a restaurant located at 1946 N Lakewood Blvd Long Beach, CA 90815 which offers a wide variety of milk teas, smoothies, fruity teas, and slushies. They also have many different types of food from different Asian cultures to choose from.
As you walk into the restaurant you would instantly notice the aesthetic interior decor they have which makes the small restaurant look pleasing to the eye. But because it is small, I imagine that when it does get crowded, the restaurant will get packed rather quickly. There are also not many tables which would make it hard for you to find a seat when it’s packed which was the problem I had when I went.
Their service could use some work with paying more attention and interacting more with their customers and the wait time for the food to be done took longer than expected around 25 or 30 minutes.
Their bite-sized popcorn chicken is crispy and seasoned well. Another thing when combined with the sweet and sour sauce (provided with the order) it gives the chicken a nice sweet and savory flavor.
The Beef Pho was a little disappointing taste-wise. The beef included in the pho was well cooked and also gave a bit more flavor to the broth but the broth itself was a little bland. I also did not like the type of flavor the herbs added to it.
The Boba Thai Tea had a great sweet taste to it just like you would expect a Thai tea to taste like and the boba had a soft texture to it which brought it all together. They did add in more ice than what I had originally asked but it was ok.
Hiccups seems to be a nice place to meet up with friends or family to order some food. They have a good selection of drinks and a good variety of different dishes to try out. Some of the food might not appeal to everyone but they are still worth eating the others types of the other food that they offer.