Poly’s Annual Jackrabbit Pageant

On January 10 Long Beach Poly put on “the greatest show” at the Andrew Osman Performing Arts center. The 25th annual Jackrabbit pageant included a panel of prior pageant winners, music, talent, and fun.
The event was separated into three categories consisting of formal attire, talent (which was worth double) and inspiration dress up.
The night began with a dance performance from all 13 contestants and three MCs to the beat of “The greatest show”, followed by the formal attire portion of the show.
All contestants walked the catwalk in their best clothes, showing off elegant dresses and dashing suits as MCs shared the hobbies, interests and clubs sponsoring them. The second portion of the show allowed contestants to show off their talents amongst which included singing, dancing, piano playing and a color guard performance. Worth double the points, stakes were high and talent did not fall short.
“Inspiration Dress Up” was the nights third section in which contestants dressed up as the person who inspires them the most. This offered an opportunity to let their imagination fly and put themselves in the shoes of icons such as Julie Andrews, Lucille Ball and Michelle Obama. Contestants would model their looks and get into character as the MCs read out why they admired this person.
Zane Witter, who’s great inspiration is Ludwig Van Beethoven, walked in a hurried and absent minded manner clutching music notes; Mica Ramos, dressed as Lucille Ball was all smiles and even carried around the iconic “Vitameatavegamin” and imitated Ball’s unique facial gestures.
It was based off these three categories that the judges selected the finalists who would move on to the final round. The contestants chosen were Amanda Angeles, Mica Ramos, Gari Nelson, Emmanuel Guia Guerrero and Zane Witter.
Each contestant was asked to answer a question which would help judges decide who would be the next Mrs. and Mr. Jackrabbit. The women were asked whether it was more important to follow tradition or to create their own legacy. Amanda replied that as important as traditions are it is always important to focus on creating one’s own legacy.
The men were asked about what was the best advice they have ever been given and why it has impacted them. Emmanuel said that as cliche as it may sound, “Always be yourself” was the advice which inspired him to be apologetically himself.
After deliberating, the winners were announced and the class of 2020 Mr. and Mrs. Jackrabbit are Zane Witter and Mica Ramos.
The winners were crowned by the very first jackrabbit pageant winners and are now part of pageant history.
J-Pag has been a Poly tradition which allows students to showcase their talents, create new bonds and be part of a great high school experience. This however, is no easy feat as Mrs. Jackrabbit of 2001 Noonka Mixon said.
“You become part of a huge legacy,” said Mixon, “future contestants need to make sure they know the history as these are big shoes to fill.”