Australian Fires a Call to Action

We can not continue this way. This is not normal. The catastrophic fires raging within Australia’s forests are not normal. The one billion animals dead and eight thousand dead koalas is not normal. As a result of us being Americans, the situation seems far away to us. Justifiably, we are not confronted with the pain of being there: smelling, seeing, and feeling the fires. However, we must stand as a collective whole and fight against climate change.

The longer the climate worsens, the more it seems like people are disregarding the situation. It is in our human nature to get tired of one thing after it continues for a while (just like a monotonous sitcom at your grandparents’ house), but this climate crisis is not something we can turn off. We know that, but we should act as if that is true. We can not expect for things to get better unless we instill the urgency of the situation now. Climate change is happening, and it’s happening quickly. To match the speed of this crisis, we need to return to the foundations of humanity.

Within humanity, there is in it the “human,” that makes society better, and at times as critical as this, we need to be reminded of the change we can make. Humanity is not something to be learned, it’s a basic kindergarten principle. We all can practice it and implement it into our lives. The only requirement for making change is knowing that you can. Making small changes like maybe not getting that five-dollar Starbucks drink on Monday and instead using that money to donate to fire relief and recovery programs, decreasing your carbon footprint by turning off the light when you leave a room, or minimizing shower time. These little things when practiced as a collective whole create progress and change. They matter.

You can help the world continue more positively because we can not continue this way. These fires are not normal. This is not normal.