“Yummy” more like “Yucky”

It’s 2020: the start of a new decade, new year, and a new generation of pop culture.
I would’ve liked to think, given how many decent popular albums that were coming out as the previous decade was coming to a close, that we would start this year off with a bang – have a second “roaring 20s” for music.
But just as he did in 2010, Justin Bieber has to step in and ruin it for everyone. We started off the 2010s with Bieber, and we’re stuck with him again. “Yummy,” released on January 3, was the first big pop song to drop in 2020, and it sets a bad rap for the other pop artists getting ready to release their next albums.
It’s easy to forget the verses, what with their mumbled lyrics and outdated trends, but once the chorus kicks back in with the repetition of “Yeah, you got that yummy yummy yummy,” you are overcome with the urge to scratch your eyes out. Bieber is trying so hard to be cool, but the choice of a word as silly as “yummy” makes him seem more like a prepubescent tween than a 25 year-old man releasing his 38th single. It’s a load of meaningless crap designed to infuse itself in your brain like a drug you can’t withdraw from.
There should be no surprise – the attitude isn’t much different than one of his earlier singles, “Baby.” But still least that song had the sense to have melodic differences. “Yummy” couldn’t even manage to give a proper ending over than that last repetition of the chorus. And that lack of an ending is exactly what describes the song. It has nothing to say. There is no point, no meaning, no other reason than to release a song.
If this is the sound that we have to start off the new decade with, I pray that the new generation doesn’t have to live with this is their ears from the moment they can remember anything. But just wait – soon enough it’ll be playing in every clothing store, restaurant and grocery store, and it’ll be burned into our minds forever.