The Life of An Office Aide

Everyday in school you see an office aide walk into your class and I’m pretty sure you think it’s probably one of the most fun classes you can take on campus, but that may not be the case.

Don’t get me wrong being an office aide does have its perks, walking around school to kill time, just chill there for a bit, walking around and delivering stuff, but most of the time you may not have something to do.

In my experience, being an office aide in the counselor’s office, you get to take call slips, sort out the mail, and deliver things for counselors and occasionally take other things, but what do yo undo when they don’t have mail or what if the they don’t anyone to call out of class? You just sit there in the office… right in the middle of one of the busiest offices in school. Everyone, including teachers, students and staff memebers are walking in and out of a very small office.

So yeah, it’s an easy ‘A’ and does get fun, but a lot of the times you are just sitting there. But for me I have a friend that I’ve known for a while in that class so it’s kinda just like another lunch period, and we just walk around when we don’t have any passes to hand out, but we can’t be out for too long in case they do need an aide to do something, even though there are three aides during my period.

Personally, I would recommend being an office aide, it’s an easy ‘A’ and it’s even more fun if you take the class with a friend, because you get to pick what office you want to be in, you get to take some walks, when you don’t have anything to do you can just sit there on your phone. The cons is it can get boring waiting on stuff to do, sometimes the mail can really pile up, there’s many people walking in and out of the office, sometimes teacher don’t even wanna open their doors… and teachers can sometimes be a little bit rude, but most of them are pretty cool.

One time a teacher asked me what the pass is for and SIS, I really don’t know, and she kept asking me, like the students name is on there and tells them where to go… I’m just the aide, the little delivery man, sister, so I don’t know why you would keep asking me, that’s between the counselor and the student.

Sometimes I feel like the teachers don’t remember that we don’t know what they’re going there for, we’re just the delivery man (or woman).

But at the end of the day, I do enjoy the class, I feel like it’s very easy, and a majority of the time pretty fun, especially if you have conversations with the workers in your office. So if your thinking about being an office aide, I most definitely recommend it, it’s like a free class period.