Poly at MLK Day Parade

On the third Monday of January (January 20 this year) we celebrate the birthday of African American Baptist minister and civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
The legacy Dr. King has created transcends his life and death. He reaped the seeds of change that we benefit from today. His teachings of love, respect and tolerance are as relevant in society now as they were in the 60’s.
King had the strength to stand up against injustice not for his sake but for the sake of others. There is something utterly courageous and selfless of his pacifist stance throughout the whole Civil Rights movement. He never resorted to violence, even amidst death threats.
I remember learning about Dr. King in elementary school and being fascinated by the way he used words to confront the injustices of the world he lived in. His words and his dream was enough to make a difference and spark change in a society tainted by racism and violence for over a hundred years.
MLK Day should be viewed as much more than just a day off of school or work. Take a moment to think about what Dr. King stood for, about what he represents, and seek to be kind towards others.