High-Five Fridays Frighten Introverts

  As an introvert, there is nothing more terrifying than to see a group of bubbly people standing in line on a Friday morning with their hands ready to give you a high five.

   Yet this is exactly the view each Friday morning at Poly’s main gate. Teachers and staff from around campus partake in “High Five Fridays,” a school campaign meant to create an encouraging and positive atmosphere for students.

   This however is not the case. The only thing I am encouraged to do is go through the gate on 15th Street to avoid the awkwardness. Their positivity is not contagious. Physical contact with overzealous strangers as I keep a forced smile plastered on my face is the last thing I need on a Friday morning.

   As I’ve mentioned before, I am an introvert. Social settings have never been my forte, and dealing with too many people can really overwhelm me. Especially, too many enthusiastic people, this being one of the main reasons High Five Fridays and I have never really clicked.

  “High Five Fridays” is not for students to enjoy but rather forces us to be polite. The majority of people I know don’t smile back because they’re truly feeling encouraged but rather to not hurt the feelings of teachers who have taken the time to do this.

   And I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings either, but a campaign which was supposedly centered around students has really just become something students have to go through. Not for their own sake but for the sake of teachers and staff.

   My opinion however, does not reflect the opinion of the other 3700+ students on Poly’s main campus. So if someone somewhere has a better school experience due to this enthusiastic socialization, then I guess it’s a win for the campaign. I however, will continue to avoid that gate whenever I can and encourage whoever else can’t handle extroverts too early in the morning to do the same.