Futurama Appreciation

For weeks, I’ve been binge-watching Futurama and as I come closer and closer to the end of the show, I have made my final decision: Futurama is indeed the best cartoon ever. With it’s first episode airing on March 28th, 1999 (my birthday, another reason why it’s the best), Futurama has released a numerous amount of gems, uncovering the many secrets of existence, spirituality, and the FUTURE. While many do regard this cartoon as “stupid” or “childish”, there is no doubt that it is very intellectual! The cartoon was created and produced by Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons (1989) so of course the show is great.

Now why do I say that this show is the best cartoon ever? Well for starters, the show is pretty crazy. The most outrageous things can happen, ranging from adventures to Robot Hell to saving the world from a tiny ball of fire from the Sun who wants to turn the Earth into a big ball of fire in which it could rule. Things we’ve all experienced. The jokes are also hilarious, you can tell that the producers do put some thought into the things they say… Or maybe they’re on drugs, it’s pretty hard to tell. I especially like all the characters, my favorite being Bender Bending Rodriguez, the vulgar, self-absorbed, alcoholic robot. In one episode, Bender gets lost in space where he is left to drift through the universe for eternity. During his journey through space, Bender becomes God, then he meets God. God, who is literally the entire universe in which they live, reveals to him the secret of being God. He tells Bender that you can’t help everyone but you can’t not help anyone either concluding that, “when you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.” Deep, right? Probably not.

Additionally, I believe the show opens our minds up to many possibilities of the future. Is it possible that we will coexist with robots? Will we ever be able to travel from planet to planet through the universe? Will we drive cars that hover off the ground? Will suicide booths exist? We’ll never know. But it’s nice to wonder. A show like this really makes you wonder if the creators are geniuses or if they’re smoking crack and quite frankly, if the show doesn’t make me wonder those things, is it truly good? Again, probably not. Now if you have watched this show and you’ve read this article and you completely disagree with me and you think I’m a big dumb baby, in the words of Bender Rodriguez, bite my shiny metal– nevermind.