“Sex Education”

Last year in January a show on Netflix was released called Sex Education. The show is about a socially awkward high school student, Otis, who has no experience in “making love” but is advanced in the knowledge of the subject because his invasive mother, Jean, is a sex therapist.
Otis is uncomfortable about the entire topic of sex yet is surrounded by it every day. People in his school found out about his mother being a sex therapist and Otis then decides to use his knowledge to gain popularity and social status a school.
He starts an underground sex therapy clinic with a rebel girl named Maeve. Otis provides advice and correct information to lost and misinformed students, while Maeve, collects the money and scouts for people. As their business progresses, new problems arise within their personal lives.
Otis’s best friend, Eric, becomes jealous of the newfound relationship between Otis and Maeve, Otis’ mother tries to force a relationship between them but also begins a secret relationship with a local plumber, his dad isn’t around and he is occasionally frustrated because of it. Maeve lives alone at a trailer park, her family is full of junkies and is left to fend for herself she, she begins a relationship with the most popular athlete at their school and doesn’t feel like she’s good enough, and her addicted brother returns to town and stirs things up in their business and at school.
Overall Otis and Maeve build a strong bond throughout this time but never fully express how they feel. The new season was released recently showing the aftermath of the drama in the previous season and the supporting character’s stories and their development through the season were brought to light.
In my opinion, this show is very informative and also controversial being that it shows an inside view of a portion of a teen’s life. The show is very relevant to teenagers and adults in this day and age showing how people of different ages, backgrounds, sexual preferences, and gender, react to certain situations and their views on the topic of sex at a young or older age.
The show is humorous, inappropriate and relatable. Many people can relate to many emotional obstacles and struggles within the show. This show is interesting and worth watching. I would recommend this show to anyone at Poly looking for a good laugh and interesting situations.