We’re Just Friends!

If you’re creative enough, those same gifts that are originally made for a significant other can easily be turned into gifts for your friends. However, here are some gift ideas you can also make or buy for your FRIENDS (this one’s for all you single people out there).

  • Sweets- There’s more to this holiday than just chocolate, treating your friends with a gift basket filled with all of your friend’s favorite snacks.
  • Plushie- Teddy Bears are also not the only hype of the day, a small plushie could always make an old pal of yours feel nice.
  • Inside Joke Gift- Make your buddy laugh by bringing up a memory only the two of you share by turning it into a gift.
  • Appreciation Letter- The name is self-explanatory, but of course some appreciation does not hurt in relationships, even friendships.
  • DIY- Take this opportunity to be creative and come up with anything you think your friend might enjoy (such as a coupon book, or a “10 reasons why I love you”) keep it platonic!