Onision and Chris Hansen

Youtube has been trying to enforce regulations to keep viewers safe from creators. But, what happens when Youtube fails to create safety measures fast enough? YouTube creators have been abusing their platform for their gains– whether it’s to make more money or for their selfish needs. Logan Paul demonstrated this behavior when he exploited a suicide victim and XtremeGamez, demonstrated this behavior when he pretended to be dying. Both did it for views.
Chris Hansen, known for his segment, How to Catch a Predator, took it in his own hands, to shut down creators who abused their power. In November 2019, Hansen debuted his new YouTube series, Have a Seat with Chris Hansen and addressed controversial YouTuber, Onision.
Hansen realized that Onision’s online actions have been questionable. Concerningly, Onision has a series online where he comments on underage girl bodies. He once stated that cutters are “white girls” doing it for attention. Mockingly saying “I’m just gonna put lines in my skin because that makes sense.”
But that was not the cause of Hansen’s investigations. Hansen began investigating after it came to his concern that Onision has been grooming his fans, specifically underage girls.
Onision, along with his fiance, Kai Anderson, is being accused of grooming a fifteen-year-old girl named Sarah, for sex and eighteen-year-old model, Billie Webb. Both victims spoke out against the abuse they witnessed by Anderson and Onision on Chris Hansen’s new YouTube series.
After Hansen created attention towards the situation, the FBI has created an open investigation. The FBI currently is looking at Onision’s alleged predatory behavior and child grooming.
Chris Hansen attempted to receive a response from Onision, to allow him to defend himself. However, Onision called the police on him for “internet stalking,” and filed a lawsuit on Hansen.
Onision seems to be avoiding any repercussions and uses his fans as a barrier from the law. The Onision and Chris Hansen drama shows the dark side of Youtube. portraying it as a site to exploit viewers for income and personal pleasures.