Hair Discrimination

For some, hair is definitely a sensitive topic because essentially, it is a representation of who we are. What’s the first thing you notice about somebody besides their face? Most likely their hair. We all choose to wear our hair how we want but why is it that many black girls are ridiculed for their hair?

There are things you should and should not say when talking about a black girl’s hair. Things you should say: “I love your hair!”  “How did you get it like that?”  “What products do you put in your hair?” Things you should NOT say: “You should do something with that hair.”  “That looks a mess!” And you absolutely do NOT call a black girl’s hair “nappy”!

These are the few things that are and aren’t acceptable to say to a girl of any ethnic background. It is derogatory and undermining to the person receiving it and to the race as a whole. African-Americans have fought a long and hard battle and even to this day still continue to fight for our freedom to be who we are. We shouldn’t be told that the way we wear our hair is “out of uniform” or “needs to be more kept”.

You should KEEP your salty opinions to yourself. For years, black women have been fired from their jobs for wearing their natural hair instead of choosing to change how they look just to appeal to others. Black girls have gotten their hair cut at school, they’ve been suspended, they’ve been bullied and embarrassed. Why can’t black girls be accepted for who they are and how they look? We can’t confidently wear the hair that we were given? Just because our hair isn’t straight, stringy, and boring does not mean that it is not beautiful! And who is to say it isn’t beautiful? I’ll wait.

All textures of hair are beautiful and should be appreciated. If you do not have anything nice to say, it’s best to just shut up, sit back, and mind your business.