Hairspray! Feb 20-22


The Poly Theater Department is opening Hairspray on February 20 in the Andrew Osman Performing Arts Center. Auditions were held for all Poly students the last three days before Thanksgiving break in 2019, and the chosen cast has been working hard the past three months for this production.
Hairspray follows the story of Tracy Turnblad, an overweight high school girl who auditions for a local TV dance show, The Corny Collins Show, with dance moves inspired by her African-American classmates met in detention. Much of the plot follows her attempts to integrate the show.
“This particular story is very culturally-relevant even though it takes place in the 1960s,” drama director, Linda Bon, said. “It has a timeless message that I think most students will appreciate and enjoy.”
Hairspray will perform at 6:30 P.M. on February 20-22, plus an additional matinee showing on Saturday (February 22) at 1:30 P.M. Tickets cost $10 per student and $15 per adult but are available for presale at a discounted price through the banker.
Athea Aguel and Gabby Kaiser are both starring as Tracy. Mara Stanford and Maile Quinn are cast as Penny (Tracy’s best friend), Lucas Nguyen has been cast as Link (Tracy’s love interest), and Joseph Diress and Elijah Simmons are both starring as Seaweed (Penny’s love interest). The play’s main antagonist, Amber, is played by Hannah Gardiner, and her mother, Velma, is played by Amanda Angeles and Mica Ramos.
Select roles are double cast, so certain nights will have different actors portraying the characters. Mara Stanford, cast as Penny in Cast A, said she loves working with her counterpart to pull off the show, even if they are not going to be starring at the same time.
Althea Aguel couldn’t believe she was cast as Tracy for Cast B while still a freshman.
“I think everyone was cast…according to their personality and skill level,” she said. “Everyone’s really passionate about it. It’s exciting to be in a place where everyone loves what they’re doing.”
Every cast member has put their “heart and soul” into the making of the musical, she said, so she encourages everyone to come and support.
“It’s such an exciting entertainment mode because of the music and dancing,” Bon said. “The script is hilarious, so I think that most high school students would enjoy it more than they think they would.”
“It’s a lot of fun. Everyone’s so talented, leads are fantastic, other than me,” Stanford joked before adding, “I’m really proud of everybody.”