School Food? It’s Alright…

School lunch has a reputation of being okay to being questionable, at least for me. When School lunch has a “real” meal in the menu, nine times out ten it looks either like a microwave dinner or barf. But, there are some good lunch items out there, although none of them are better than a Mcdonald’s burger.
Let’s first talk about the spicy chicken sandwich. At first glance, it looks fine, and it is. Though it is spicy, it’s an understatement. It’s less spicier than hot Cheetos. But the taste is okay, but doesn’t come with lettuce. So if there is no lettuce in your lunch line, you have to eat it with no lettuce.
I would include the PB&J sandwich, but it’s a Smuckers Uncrustable, so that would be cheating.
So I’m going to talk about the french fries. The french fries are pretty good, but they serve so little fries, that it’s hard to enjoy them. There would be 3-5 fries in one tray, and they serve the fries on a big tray. Which is disappointing.
Finally, the chicken tenders are the last thing I tried on the school lunch menu. They are served with 3 tenders and a piece of bread. The bread is just bread. Nothing surprising. The chicken, on the other hand, tastes alright. They’re your average chicken tenders that you could get at a store. Overall, nothing great, yet nothing bad either. Just average, bland school food.