Less Jammed? Time to Drive!

I learned that to get the streets to become less jammed, it takes a quarantine. During quarantine, life outside has been far from busy. The stores are emptier, fewer people are outside, and the streets are less crowded. For a learning driver, these are the perfect conditions for them. 

After the announcement that school will move online, I have been able to set aside more time to learn how to drive. I have been practicing every day, in case preventive measures are set in place (that possibly could limit the time, and how often cars are able to go on the roads). After practicing for a month, I have a list of the perfect places for beginning drivers to start off: 

  1. Malls: Due to all malls forcibly having to shut-down, the only cars visible in the parking lots are security cars. I’m not sure if we are not allowed to practice in the parking lot, but while I was there the security never stopped us. The best bet is to check if the mall is private or public property. If it is private,  it is best to find somewhere else to go.
    • For Long Beach Locals, go to Lakewood Mall! Even though it is in Lakewood, it is not too far from Long Beach, and it is a perfect place (with the exception of some taunting security cars). Also to note, Costco is still open, so you will face some cars if you go when Costco is open.
  2. DMV: To get hands-on practice of what it will be like the day of, go to the DMV. As a warning, there are often other cars practicing too, the most I’ve seen in a day was two other cars– not including myself. 
  3. Grocery Markets: I have been going to Food-4-Less to practice parking in between two cars. This is a little bit more challenging as there are more cautions to look out for, like pedestrians, other cars, and random shopping carts (that sometimes hauntingly move by itself).
  4. Neighborhoods: Practice in the neighborhood where you know the driving test will take place. There are a lot of videos online showing the DMV Routes of several different DMV’s on YouTube. Of course, this is assuming they haven’t changed the route or have other random routes as well.

Hopefully, if you have not learned how to drive, this comprehensive list will urge you to start. But remember, if you are under the age of 18, get a permit. The streets are less crowded and it is much more navigable to start learning

Before you start learning, I will caution you, there are a lot of police cars (so follow the law! No speeding!). I assume that they are only there to patrol any mass gatherings, so don’t be worried– if you are lawfully learning there is nothing to be concerned about.