my new normal: sierra brott-hunter


Online school 

The 2021 school year has started online and at home because of Covid 19 so I am here to talk about why I like online school and why I don’t like online. My routine for online school is that I wake up like 20 minutes I get ready and I get some food. I feed my dogs and give them water. I wait for my classes to start and that’s all I do.


My reasons why I like online school

  1. I  can work at my own pace. Working at my own pace does not stress me out. 
  2. It is faster to do some assignments. I basically self teach myself things and so the assignments are fast and I like typing more than writing.
  3. If I need a break I can just take a break from it. Like if I’m doing an assignment, I can just stop and work on it later.
  4. I can teach myself faster. I don’t have to wait to move on. I can just move and go. 
  5. I learn a bit faster than actual school in the classroom. In classroom learning is a bit slower than online school because when you are in class you have to learn with everyone else but when it’s online the assignments are already posted and I can just  look at it and read it and get it done and move on to the other assignments. 

There are many more reasons why I like online school but it’s time to give my reasons why I do not like online school.

  So here we go:

  1. Classes are too long. I don’t like long classes because they are stressful and sometimes it gets boring just looking at a screen and sitting in the same spot  for that long.
  2.  Some of my teachers are giving too much work. They pile so many assignments on, I do not like the piling of the assignments because some teachers think that we only have  work for their class and pile on five assignments that are due the same day  and it gets really stressful because I have other work to do for other classes.
  3. I get a headache from staring at a screen  for 90 minutes. I don’t even stare at my phone that long. I wear glasses. I know wearing glasses helps  when you are working on a computer and everything because of the bluelight thing they have in a lesne, but I don’t like staring at a screen that long because it hurts my eyes and it gives me bad headaches. It is not healthy to be looking at a screen that long for 90 minutes straight and for 7 hours out of the day.
  4. Some of my teachers don’t know how to explain things and give examples. So in two of my clases my teacher will just give us the assignment and be like here you go, imma put you in breakout rooms and the teacher never gives us directions. Then my other teacher will be like here is the work due by the end of the week and barely  gives us an explanation on how to do it. 
  5. I start to get distracted. Staring at one thing for a long time. I lose interest in it because it will have to be explained more than three times and I start to lose interest. I will look at my phone or get up and walk around to stretch my legs.
  6. I have to help with my dogs while I’m in class. So my dogs love attention don’t get me wrong I love my dogs but they love to bother me when I’m in class. They will high pitched bark or scratch at the door or scratch me, they will walk  were my computer charger is and it will get unplugged.
  7. I don’t like turning my camera on. I hate  showing my face on camera in zoom classes because sometimes I’ll just wake up and roll outta bed and go on zoom so I will be looking crusty. It’s also kinda awkward just having your face on the screen and having other people look at you.
  8.  The teachers always calls me to read. I hate reading out loud. I am an independent reader. I like reading by myself. 
  9. Some of my teachers don’t know how to work canvas. The teacher will be like i posted an assignment  and tell us to go do it and it will be locked  till 1:06 and we will tell the teacher and the teacher will start arguing with us and  finally realize it’s locked.
  10.  Canvas assignments disappear and I sometimes have to restart them. It gets really annoying when that happens, then I just get frustrated. I can go on and on about why I don’t really like online school. There are so many more reasons but just to make it short, that is why I like and I don’t like online school.