sus game among us

Acrylic paint on canvas by sierra brott-hunter

 A long time ago… okay maybe not so long ago, like about 2 years ago… dun dun dun. In 2018  a  new game came out and barely any people knew about it, fast forward two  years to where we are now in 2020. There have been some crazy trends and shows because of quarantine,  but now everyone is obsessed with this  game called Among Us. Starting at the end of September, it became a huge  sensation even celebrities are playing the game. It is a really good and fun way to make online friends. My  friends and I play it weekly. To play, my friends and I group facetime, so it is easier to play the game, while one of us creates the room to play the rest of us wait to get the code.

     How we distribute the code is by saying the first letter of a word, for example if the code was ADVOQ, we would  be like Apple, dog, violin, octopus, queen, just because  people do not listen so we have to do it like that. In the game there are imposters and crewmates – there  has to be  4 or more people to play the game. There can be 1 or more imposters, it  can be whatever  you chose, the crew mates go around the ship to do tasks and try not to die while doing tasks to win. The imposters go around the ship to fake tasks and eliminate the crewmates to win. The imposters can sabotage, or vent to to not get caught. 


  I decided to draw and paint among us characters. During the process of me painting and drawing i am going to be honest, it took me a long time because I would stop and listen to music, brainstorm on how I wanted to lay it out, I would also play the game, but I finally figured  out who wanted to lay it out. This is how it turned out. My cousin helped me on it so it’s a little messy but it is okay if because it was a fun thing to paint.