My Family’s Christmas traditions

My family is big on traditions like birthdays and holidays, especially Christmas. Christmas is one of my family’s favorite holidays because we get to spend time with each other and eat food and put up decorations. Our Christmas traditions start on Thanksgiving: we do secret Santa, starting by filling out a paper about  what we want and then we put them in my uncle’s hat and we go around and pick a name. We discuss who is making what food for Christmas and who is bringing drinks and rolls. We talk about who’s house we are going to have Christmas at and we also talk about what time to get there and what time we are going to eat. 


A  week after Thanksgiving we put up Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. We go to my grandparents house to help them decorate and help them put up their lights. All seven grandchildren, the six boys and one girl, all help put up the Christmas tree and we each get to pick five decorations we want on the tree. When my grandparents finish decorating the tree, they let the youngest grandchild put the angel on the tree top. On Christmas morning I wake up at like 7 o’clock in the morning and have to wait for my mom and brothers to get up and get in the living room which that does not happen till 10 o’clock because my oldest brother likes to take 20 years to get up. Finally, we go to the living room then we open presents, my mom and brothers and I discuss what time we all should get ready to head over to my nanny  ’s house, aka my dad’s mom, just to say Merry Christmas and give them a gift basket. We stayed at my nanny’s house for about an hour and a half and talked to my aunt and my cousin and my three uncles on my dad’s side and we talked to my nanny. We go home to finish getting ready then we grab the food and take two separate cars, then we go on our way to Anaheim to my grandparents house. 


We get to my grandparents’ house and we say hi to everyone and put the food in the dining room on the table. Then we all chill and sit down for a bit before all the grandchildren go outside and play pickle and throw a frisbee and we play  baseball. When we get called in by my aunt telling us it’s time to eat, all  the grandchildren go wash up and  get ready to eat, my cousin and my brother and I all eat at the cool kids’ table and the adults sit at the adult table with the  six year old and the four year old. After we eat we sit down for a while and just chat  and we roll a ball around until we are ready to do our secret Santa and let the little ones open their gifts. They way the secret Santa goes is that we start with my grandpa and then from there it’s so on and so forth. After presents we eat pie or cheesecake, we also help the little ones build or set up whatever toys they want to open fully. After that happens we all clean up the wrapping paper by playing basketball with it, then we all say Merry Christmas and good night and go back home. 


This year for Christmas things are going to be a little different due to covid we are still doing the Secret Santa, already picked a name. My mom and I went to my aunt’s house on Saturday the 12 and talked about Christmas. This Christmas we decided to have brunch at my aunt’s house in the backyard. Which means we all have to wake up early and open presents at home then We are going to have brunch this year because my aunt has to go to dinner with her in-laws and  my brothers and mom and I have to visit my nanny. We are going to wear masks and social distance at both my aunt’s house and my nanny’s house so we all can be safe. What I am going to miss the most is that we won’t be able to play pickle or play baseball. I’m also going to miss having Christmas at my grandparents’ house because I won’t get to sit at the cool kids table.