Almost Christmas – My Holiday Traditions

Our family celebrates Christmas on the 24th – we wait till 12am to open our present.

Every year we go see my sisters and give them a tree.

This year’s tree for my sisters.

Also, every year we eat something different. This year we are eating crab legs. Also if you fall asleep early, one of my cousins is going to prank you. That’s if my family is all together.

Sometimes my mom takes us to the movies if we are not going to be with our toxic family. By toxic I mean our family is crazy and starts to fight for nothing. It’s fun going to the movies – people think it’s boring but it’s not when you’re with your family.

Younger members of my family and our dogs.

This year we are not going to the movies because it’s closed. We are going to my tia’s house. She lives two hours away from Long Beach.

My mom and I also go to the store and buy 100 blankets and make food for the homeless. We go drive around Long Beach and if we see homeless people we stop and ask if they want food and blankets some of them say no because other people also do the same thing and they say they already have a plate of food but I always say it’s okay it could be for the next day.

That’s my favorite part of the day on Christmas making homeless people happy and how grateful they are when we do these things. That’s all I do for Christmas 🙂