Top 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas during the Pandemic

Here are my topics for Valentines Day Dates for this year

1. Picnics!

Picnics are probably one of the most classic dates to go on. Picnics are where you would pack a bunch of your favorite foods or meals, and enjoy it at a nice destination, usually outdoors like the park or the beach.


   2. Renting an AMC Movie Theater for only 100 dollars

Due to the pandemic, most movie theaters are currently not open to the public, so AMC is allowing you to rent a movie theater room for only $100 (older movies) or $149 (new releases) for you and up to 20 other people. This would be a good thing to do for alone time and a more quiet setting, or you can even do a nice double date as you’re allowed to invite about 20 people.


3. Eating out at restaurants 

Although many restaurants have closed down during the beginning pandemic, many now have opened up and offered outdoor seating, but due to that many restaurants have less tables, so I suggest you go early for Valentines Day or reserve a table!


4.Game night 

I feel like games really bring out people’s personality so game night is definitely a great date to bond with someone. I specifically recommend UNO, everyone gets crazy about UNO. 


5.At home date

This is your safest option this year, to stay home and have a home cooked dinner followed up by a movie, after all we are stuck in a pandemic.