Alternatives to Valentines In-Person Dates

(all of which can be done while socially distant)

For those that love movie theaters, you can have a virtual watch party!

 For those that love movie nights and miss in person movie theaters, an online movie date would be a safer alternative. The use of add-ons like Netflix party allows simultaneous video viewing and live chats To immerse yourself even more in the movie theater environment, you can order each other food through food services like door dash and Post-mates to make it feel more like a “movie night.”


For those that are seeking a challenge,  there are digital escape rooms!

 Navigate a digital escape room together! Escape rooms require participants to work together virtually and can create some stronger bonds. All of the virtual escape rooms are played from the participants’ home, making the game an easy way  to stay connected to others while still socially distancing.


Play around with personality quizzes!  

Online personality quizzes are not only fun but great ways to assess your compatibility. It’s a great way to have a laugh and possibly bond over some of your favorite foods, characters and movies. There’s also the love language test. The love language test is another good way to test your compatibility. This questionnaire is an interesting topic for discussion while at the same time a great opportunity to learn more about your date.


For those that want to travel, you can travel the world through Virtual Museum tours! 

Some of the world’s largest museums are now offering free online tours to everyone! These virtual tours are perfect because you don’t need to leave your household to travel the world! In essence, these tours are simulations of the in-person, museum experience.  If you don’t like art, zoos are another alternative. Virtual zoo tours and wildlife cams can be seen as another way to “go out” and travel the world without leaving your household

Live cams at aquariums are also very interesting! There is a wide collection of aquariums from across the United States you can view!