Food Review: The Attic on Broadway


On the left is the Mac and Cheetos In the middle is the House made granola On the right is the Banana’s Foster I recommend all of them.

The Attic on Broadway story is that Steve the owner opened it in 2012. It was not always a restaurant, it was a house that he turned into the restaurant. The staff members are so nice they treat you like family. I have personally met all the cooks and I have met the owner. The Executive Sous Chef Cheyenne McKenna states that she has been cooking at  the Attic since it first opened. She is super nice. My oldest brother works there also; he is Sous Chef. The smell from the kitchen always smells so amazing. The food makes my mouth water.

A dish that they have in the Attic is the Mac & Cheetos. The dish is their homemade pasta coated with creamy cheddar, mozzarella and  jack cheese sauce, then topped with crumbled Flaming Hot Cheetos with green onions. This is one of my all time favorite dishes to get. The smell makes my mouth water, the Flaming Hot Cheetos mixed with the mac – the flavor makes your mouth burst with flavor. The presentation of the dish makes me feel so excited because I know what goodness is coming. It also makes me hungry because I can see the creamy cheese sauce melted down the side of the dish.  The food always is served fresh and hot. I truly recommend this dish.

Another one of my favorites is the house made granola. 

This wonderful dish bursts with flavor with the mix of fresh house made granola served with honey yogurt and mixed berries. The crunch and the creamy yogurt go amazing together. This dish makes me feel good because it is a healthy yummy choice. The barriers that come in the dish are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.  

This dish is my favorite dessert to get at The Attic. This is Banana’s foster pudding it is made with the banana bread and with sliced bananas with caramel sauce on top also on the side with homemade whipped cream  with a mint leaf on top. This deliciousness is always warm and explodes with flavor with  the bananas, the bread, the caramel with whipped cream all in one bite is magnificent. I highly recommend this dish.