Thoughts About Online Learning and Reopening School

To start off, I feel like going back to school next month is pointless because of the fact that we are going back only for one month and we are gonna be doing the same thing that we do at home only in the classroom environment. I think that there isn’t really a reason to go back if we are about to graduate. The fact we only have a little bit of time left, and having no Senior Activities, it makes no sense for us to go back and have just one month of Senior year. I have chosen to stay online to finish the school year. 

In my opinion staying home is the best choice for me and it’s better for me in a working environment, without distractions. It’s a plus for the students who don’t do too great in school because they can work at their own pace and turn in the assignments as late as they want without having to stress about it. It’s good because I get to take breaks if I need it and if I want to go ahead, I can go ahead and do the work if I already know what to do. I feel like online school has helped a lot of the kids who don’t pay attention in class to get better grades and be more successful in a way, because the kids can work and do school anywhere they want,  as long as there is wifi around.

Aside from the first paragraph, there are cons with online schooling because there are things that kids can do in the comfort of their home without teachers supervision. Students feel like they can do what they want whenever they want, and the fact that we can turn off our cameras makes it easy for us to get up and do other things while in school. 

There are tons of cons with online schooling, but the main one that I hear the most is that some people have bad Wifi and they can’t do the work and get to class because it’s a stream from the cloud that uses data to transfer the video to one computer to the other. Teachers need to understand that some people have really bad wifi and sometimes the Wifi is so bad they can’t even log into Canvas or Zoom, and we can’t control that. Another reason why people have problems doing online school is that they have an old computer or laptop that is crappy, and the system is old and can’t keep up with how much data is being transferred on Zoom, causing the computer to run slow and act up. 

I would love to go back to school and get back in the habit of being in a classroom environment, but if we are going back and doing the same thing that we are doing at home, then there is no point in doing that. I can work at home in the comfort of a nice chair, desk, computer, and lay down in my bed without having to ask the teacher. At school the desks and chairs are uncomfortable and make our backs and butts hurt after long periods of sitting, and we have to ask to get up and do things that we can do at home.

To conclude my opinion, I think that online school has helped me and other people do better in school even if there are problems with it. Sometimes online school can be stressful because we have so many things that can happen in our households, and I feel that teachers understand what we have to go through with online school and that makes us students feel better, because we know we are not the only ones that feel the same about online schooling.