School reopening is a good idea – but not for me!

Jackrabbits are officially returning to school! As of March 2021, Polytechnic High School and the rest of LBUSD has announced that students are able to take a survey and decide if they would like to return to school and do hybrid learning or continue doing school online. 


I feel like this is a good thing because I have noticed that many students have slept during Zoom sessions or do not take online classes as seriously. So I feel like having that hybrid option could really help students bring up their grades. 


On the other hand, Covid-19 is still going around, so when students return it could expose students to the virus. We would have to do things like clean desks, wear a mask the whole time and keep our distance from teachers and other students. 


Me personally, I think I will continue to do online instead of hybrid. I feel like the two days of the week in school isn’t going to help or affect me or my grade. I would like to return to school, but only if everything was back to normal. Overall, I think hybrid learning will be a lot of help for many students who can get on-hand help if they need it, but I don’t think it would be worth it for me.