How Awesome is this Sushi? Very

Picture a Ma ‘n Pa shop mixed with a trendy, modern sushi joint, and what comes to mind will probably look a lot like Awesome Sushi. Located on the corner of Clark Avenue and Willow Street, this restaurant may be small, but makes up for it with great customer service, food, and the determination to stay open. 

During the health and economic crisis of the past year, small businesses like Awesome Sushi have struggled to stay afloat. Before COVID-19 spread throughout the nation, restaurant owners would greet their customers at the door and make them feel welcomed without a mask or plexiglass divider. What makes Awesome Sushi unique is the staff still finds a way to make a customer feel welcomed despite necessary safety precautions. 

The staff at Awesome Sushi make ordering takeout via phone simple and easy. To-go orders are on-time, and the staff greets each customer with a smile and asks how their day has been.

Awesome Sushi is also known for their healthier options as they have low-carb and vegetarian rolls. The sushi joint also has a wide variety of fish ranging from tuna to salmon to escolar. I tried the tuna poke, spicy edamame, and an iced green tea. The freshness of the ahi tuna and flavor of the edamame was the perfect combination. The iced green tea topped the meal off. There is so much to try on their menu which makes each meal different.

Awesome Sushi is now only open for takeout orders. The determination to stay open throughout the pandemic is telling. Additionally, the restaurant persists by the closeness of the family and staff that work for their community. 

At Awesome Sushi, they think that sushi should be more than just a high-end meal. It’s a meal for all. 

“Come and try out how awesome we are!!!!” the Awesome Sushi staff said.

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