Honest Review of the Restaurant Claws

A closer look inside bag of seafood. (Alyssa Thomas)

Seafood is one of the most versatile foods. Different types of seafood, different ways to eat/cook it; there are so many options that seafood can please everyone.

One of the options that I personally love eating is seafood boils. Seafood boils consist of different sea animals such as crawfish, lobster, clams, and much more. Many seafood boils also contain corn and sausage. Louisiana and South Carolina are known for their tasty and giant seafood boils. Seafood boils typically do not contain any fish, since fish is rarely ever boiled. 

When ordering seafood boils from restaurants, you pick your meats and extras, then the food is brought to your table in bags. Claws, located in Cerritos, is my favorite restaurant to eat seafood boils. You order by the pound and not by how many meals you need. For example, if your table has four people, you don’t order four “meals”, you would order around four pounds of food to share among the group.

At Claws, you are treated with bibs, gloves, a table cover, and many different seasonings for your food. My family and I typically order calamari and fries as our appetizers. We then choose the seasoning that is a combination of all flavors available. In about 10-15 minutes all the bags of seafood come. The entire table is covered with paper so the table can get as messy as you want. The waiters give everyone a small container of salt, pepper, and ketchup.

What seafood boils from Claws look like before eating. (Alyssa Thomas)

When I eat at Claws, I’m usually with three other people and we order four to six pounds. Our seafood bags usually contain crawfish, mussels, shrimp, and corn. My cousins and I are not a fan of spice, so we order mild.

Ordering and eating seafood boils from restaurants during this pandemic is, unfortunately, not the same. The number one convenience of eating seafood boils at a restaurant is there is not a big mess for you to clean up afterwards. Seafood boils almost always get messy due to the bags and sauce getting everywhere. When ordering Claws to-go, you choose your seasoning, meats, and everything else you would when ordering in the restaurant. When your food is ready you get the bags like normal, and it all tastes the same, but it is definitely not as fun or convenient as eating inside.