BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse: An Amazing Experience

Deep dish pizza with bacon and pepperoni (K. Burton)

This has been an amazing experience. BJ’s Restaurant in Torrance, Ca. was the perfect place to order takeout. We ordered a Wing Dinner and some Salmon, Salad and Green Beans. When arriving to pick up the dinner everyone was following the Covid-19 guidelines and they made sure to sanitize the counter every time a new customer approached. 

The food was well packed, no missing items and everything was hot when we picked the food up and they even provided a few sani-wipes. 

You can either win or lose with salmon, but this salmon was delightful. It was buttery full of flavor and once topped with the lemon cream sauce it took it to a whole ‘nother level. “[Even though] I’m a vegetarian I would give the salmon an A + this is one of the best cooked salmon I have had in a long time,” said Hisa J. 

Grilled salmon with lemon cream sauce. (K. Burton)

Salad oh salad it was a normal salad. The one thing I did enjoy was the mixed greens that were used instead of just plain lettuce. The balsamic dressing is what took the salad over the top and gave it the extra kick it needed. 

House salad with balsamic vinegar. (K. Burton)

The wings were seasoned to perfection, not over cooked, still nice and juicy when you take that first bite. The dipping sauce was provided on the side which allowed the chicken to still have that crunchy skin. “I would order these wings anytime they are just as good as other restaurants that I have ordered takeout from,” said Jordan J.

The garlic knots. (K. Burton)

The garlic knots were little bombs packed with lots of flavor. You can taste a fair amount of garlic but it’s not too overpowering. 

Vegetables are the best part of a meal for a vegetarian. “The green beans were cooked just how I like them with a little char on the edges and full of flavor seasoned with a nice salt and pepper combo and a little fresh garlic had my taste buds jumping,” said Hisa J. 

Sautéed green beans. (K. Burton)

This is one of the best dinners I’ve had in a long time due to us being in a stay at home order.  Overall I would recommend this restaurant to my friends and family to try. From the moment I arrived to getting my food home and in my stomach it was an amazing experience.

The author, Jaylan Miller, trying the pizza. (K. Burton)