High Life Roundtable: Covid Positives

The High Life staff recently posted a column with thoughts about what we’ve been missing or felt like we missed out on during the past year. In this column, we share things that have been positive, or ways that we’ve grown in the past year.


Caleb Dunomes

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, I have learned a lot about myself and my ambitions. Moreover, one thing that I have learned that to achieve my goals I have to both believe in my dreams and believe that my dreams will come true. I have learned this after a year of losses and failures followed by lessons and successes. All of my challenges during track practice, online schooling and just life in general has forced me to grow up, manage time and even take time off for myself when I need to. Especially track practice, with us seniors having so much pressure to perform and put our names out there, I’ve been forced to believe in myself and all of my hard work. Because of these challenges, I have become even more ambitious, hard working and confident. In fact, I don’t think I truly knew and felt the definitions of ambition, hard work and confidence until this year.


Xandria Hines

This past year, going through school during the pandemic has been one of the weirdest times of my life. It’s sucked in so many ways, but nothing good goes to anyone without hardship. When the pandemic started, I thought that Covid infection rate would cool off enough for schools to be open by fall. It didn’t. But I was surprised to find that the online classes, the work, and my attention, seemed much easier than usual. It was common for me to get a large barrage of A’s with a B or two mixed in, but now on the honor roll, I’ve been able to find my preferred, and more productive way, of taking classes, and will most likely test this out more in-depth in the future, though hopefully not in the same circumstance.


Sierra Brott-Hunter

The Covid-19 pandemic taught me not to take anything for granted, it showed who are my real friends. You should spend more time with loved ones and you should enjoy life. That time and life is very valuable and precious . It taught me that I can focus on my mental and physical health more, and also made me more mature. It has changed me in a positive way. Online school can be easy but hard and I have learned to find myself and become who I want to be. I have learned something new. I’ve  learned to play the keyboard, though I’m not that great at it yet. I can go in my backyard and do school work instead of  staying inside, I can take my dogs for a run. It taught me a lot of interior design and I also got better at painting. 


Kelly Rodriguez

The past year we have been in the pandemic I learned things about myself; self-love was the first important thing. I also went away for a month to Georgia. I started to appreciate nature. I went to Georgia with my two sisters and my cousin. We went to visit my mom’s sister and her kids. It was great. I got really close to my cousins. I also went hiking a lot. I learned that nature is so pretty – like, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. It was a way to keep me calm. It helps a lot just seeing nature. You get a lot of things out of your mind. I feel like I have grown. I want to be independent now without my mom doing it for me.


Zinia Francis

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed me to become closer with myself. With not being able to see many of my loved ones and with many outdoor activities being cancelled, I was forced to be my own entertainment. To occupy myself, I explored my interest in many different areas, such as cooking, trying new foods, doing hair, working out, reading books, and writing. Doing these activities have brought me to feel comfort in my own company. During the pandemic I also realized that, like many people, I never used the time I had alone productively. I was constantly trying to avoid being alone and in the process I didn’t take advantage of being by myself. I have grown strong mentally in this past year. I thank the pandemic for my growth.


Alex Phouma

I think the pandemic helped people find out what they want out of life. Since we had to go into a lockdown in the beginning of the pandemic, it gave people time to think. For example I know people have had to rethink where they wanna work or what they want to do, and some students are thinking about college. For me, as a senior in high school, turning 18, it made me think about college and what I want to do as a career. I just think that helped people think about life.