Movie Review: Cheaper by the Dozen


Cheaper by the Dozen, the film, came out on December 25, 2003. The cast members in this film are Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Piper Perabo,Tom Welling, Hilary Duff, Kevin G. Schimdt, Alyson Stoner, Jacob Smith, Forrest Landis, Lilinana Mumy, Morgan York, Blake Woodruff, Brent Kinsman and Shane Kinsman. The director of the film is Shawn Levy. The movie is based on the real life events of the Gilbreth family. 


Cheaper by the Dozen is about how Tom Baker and his wife Kate Baker both want their dream jobs and their dream is to have a big family. Tom gets his dream job and they have to move to the suburbs but the kids hate their new home.  They have 12 kids  that is why It is called Cheaper by the Dozen.


The spirit of the movie is amazing. The accuracy of depiction in this film is phenomenal. The hair and makeup and lighting is awesome. The performance of all the actors and actresses are wonderful. Set designs are great. 


Cheaper by the Dozen is one of my go to movies when I am not feeling so good or when I just feel like watching a movie. This movie brings me so much laughter – it is one of my favorites. Hilary Duff’s scene when she comes out with her green face mask on makes me laugh every time because I know how it is to look like that in front of my family.This movie in my opinion is one of the best movies that has ever come out. My family and I love watching this movie. We have probably watched it more than 1000 times. If you ever need a good laugh or movie to watch I 100% recommend this.