Does Your Sign Match Your Personality? High Life Roundtable


According to astrology, celestial incidents coincide with human activity, but is that really true? In western astrology, astrological signs or Zodiac signs are twelve 30 degree sectors that make up the 360 degree orbit the Earth does around the Sun. The signs are named after constellations the sun annually passes through. Each Zodiac sign spans about a month within the year. The first sign is Aries that begins in spring, then there’s Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Your zodiac sign is said to have a personality trait or character that relates with you. Do certain occurrences in the sky affect our character? Are we our Zodiac sign? The High Life staff weighs in with their thoughts:


Sierra Brott-Hunter

My sign is a Virgo. My daily horoscope today relates to who I am really well because it said, “In true Virgo fashion, you’re in the mood to be productive and get things out the door.” The way I feel about astrological signs and horoscopes in general is that I think they’re cool. I relate to my sign in general so much that people always tell me, “omg that is such the Virgo in you!” and my friends and my family always tell me I have the motherly traits and that I can be very truthful even if it does come out mean.


Zinia Francis

I am a Leo. My sign describes me almost completely. Leos are said to be creative, boastful, a pleasure to be around, and people who enjoy being celebrated. I would agree that I am creative. I tend to look at many things from an artistic point of view. I enjoy making art such as poetry, painting, drawing and even making clothes. I also can confirm my courageousness, with any obstacle put before me I always go into the situation with the confidence that I will overcome it. I don’t think I love attention very much but I do agree that I can be boastful by the way I change my hair styles frequently, but when my hair is not done I will have an attitude. Over the years I have noticed friends and family gravitating towards me because of my caring and warm demeanor. Lastly, as a Leo I do enjoy having the attention and time of my loved ones, I like to know that I am wanted around.


Xandria Hines

I am a Virgo. Usually, when I go on a curiosity-filled zodiac hunt for my sign and any information/predictions on it, the most common idea I can find about my sign is that we’re commonly task-oriented, over-analytical perfectionists. With this explanation, however, one much more detailed than others I’ve been able to find on the internet, resonated with me more than others I’ve seen. The idea that Virgos are mild-tempered and calm, their earth element keeping them humble and ‘down-to-earth’, and using their attention to detail to help others is something I believe describes the basis of my ideas well. They also bring in how their ideas and idealism can keep them mentally detached from the present, too caught up in the detail of the past or future to keep their head from the clouds and enjoy the moment, is something I’ve begun to struggle with, especially with the stress of the past year. I would never say any one person can describe a large group of people perfectly, but I would say this would describe some of my recent struggles and ideals very well. Would I ever say that my birthday alone has shaped me into the person I am today? Absolutely not.


Caleb Dunomes

My sign is a Gemini. The website says that the personality of a Gemini is “active,” using words like loving, social, and lighthearted to their interactions with other people. The weaknesses of a Gemini make them seem “all over the place,” and describes them as being unable to commit to responsibilities and relationships while also having a noticeably short attention span. Hearing about this single description of a Gemini and many of the traits seem like they align with my personality. I can see myself aligning with the social side of being a Gemini since I enjoy social interactions and try my best to be lighthearted when socializing with others. But I don’t think I’d describe myself as “active” to a point where I am not “trustworthy.” My active attitude and personality doesn’t really interfere with my goals and passions.


High Life Adviser Daryl Holmlund

I generally think that any alignment between the signs and reality is coincidental. However, I’m an Aries, and I must admit that what people have told me about the fire sign characteristics seem to match up with me. I’m definitely passionate and impulsive, and I love starting projects but sometimes don’t finish them in a timely manner. I’m a charismatic leader but not great with organization and taking care of the little details. I love new things, new places, new experiences. I can sometimes be too direct or harsh when talking with people I care about, and don’t always realize that I’ve hurt their feelings. All of these are Aries characteristics. But… I also love learning and sharing information, a Gemini characteristic; I’m curious, like a Scorpio; and I have a lot of friends and acquaintances like an Aquarius. So, am I a true Aries? Kinda? Do I think it’s because I was born under a certain sign? No.