Prom/Grad night 2021

The class of 2021 officially had their senior prom at Poly High School. The theme of the dance was Enchanted Forest. Since the class of 2020 didnt get to have their prom because of Covid-19, I feel like they tried to do their best at throwing a prom during a pandemic. Usually, from what I know, prom is held at a different location, instead of school, but this year prom was held in the quad. They had different activities, such as arcade games, a 360 photo station, Karaoke and of course a DJ and dance floor. They also had Chick-fil-A boxes that came with a chicken sandwich, chips, a cookie, and sauce. For those who weren’t feeling the chicken sandwich, they also served burgers and a variety of drinks. Over all I think they had many different activities considering our current situation.