Humans of Poly: November 5, 2021

Photo by Jessenia Alvarado Vasquez

“I love how Poly can be very cheerful, supportive, open, creative and fun. I dream on becoming and architect because I like to be creative and I’ve always been a fan of math and I also wanna build a family in the future.”

– Erick Flores


Photo by Molly Flynn

“I’m really excited to be back on campus after a really hard year online. Having to adjust to a completely new environment was really hard for me. I was used to seeing my friends every day and having real interactions, and having it all taken away was hard. Being back has made it easier to complete my work and communicate with my teachers and friends like I used to.”


Photo by Leyna Holly

“My most comfortable relationship I have is with my best friend. We met in sixth grade in a history class and instantly clicked. Over time we became close friends and had some downs, but we bounced back from them and became stronger. We were close in freshman year, but over quarantine we became inseparable. Like completely inseparable. We bonded and found more things in common than we thought, and became extremely comfortable with each other, more than we’ve ever been with ourselves. She is my best friend.”


Photo by Hugo Navarro Vargas

“I want to finish high school, then hopefully go to a good college. Something I want to work hard on is achieving a scholarship and working hard for it. I would like to join a nursing school and hopefully become a nurse. I want to become a nurse because I want to help people feel better and learn about the diseases that run through my family history.”

Photo by Dayvon Sierra

What helped you throughout your first year of high school?

“A good schedule will solve 90% of your problems, find a way to balance and find time for your classes and extra curricular activities and you’ll be set.”