Jackrabbit on campus CPR certification

by Alixma Velasquez


Students at Long Beach Poly High School were given an opportunity to take a CPR class on Thursday, September 30. The class was free and held at the Poly campus in room 701 E with Medical Terminology teacher Jackie Lazatin.

The CPR class was held at 1:30 p.m., students of all grades were welcomed but it was suggested for MEDS students. A professional taught the students and provided hands-on learning. The CPR class would give you a two-year certification if you passed the test. 

The class was 4 hours long and throughout the class lessons were shown on the projector. Students were asked about what they learned after each video, and then were put into partners and had hypothetical scenarios. They would check their surroundings, try waking up the patient (CPR manikin), calling 911, and starting CPR. Not only did they work on adult manikins but they also learned to do CPR on infants. Additionally, students learned how to incorporate an AED, which is a portable life-saving device used to treat people experiencing cardiac arrest.

MEDS Junior Daisy Pena said, “When I attended the CPR class I went in knowing that I was going to leave the class with life-saving skills. It was an amazing experience. Not  only did I have fun but I was able to picture myself in a situation of crisis in which someone could use my help.” Pena passed the exam. 

Lazatin provided this opportunity for the students. “Preparing my students to have their certification before they go out into their internship sites,”she said was a reason why she provided this opportunity. Many MEDS students would like to go into the medical field and knowing CPR is a requirement. 

This is not the only class that will be provided. There is an upcoming CPR class at Poly on November 19, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. in room 712. Average CPR classes vary from 25-50 dollars an hour. Poly students were provided the class for free and will be given another chance to attend. 

Immediate CPR can double or triple the chances of survival after cardiac arrest. This was an amazing opportunity being provided at Long Beach Poly High School.