Fans Enjoy Big Win for Homecoming

Homecoming week ended with a bang for Poly High School last week, as they beat Wilson High at Veterans Stadium on October 1.

The kickoff of the game was at 7 p.m., and there was an overwhelming amount of students ready to show support for their school from both sides. Not even three minutes in, Poly scored against the Bruins. In the end, The score was 45-6 in favor of Poly.

One of the real stars of the game was Poly’s quarterback Shea Kuykendall, who rushed for two touchdowns, and also threw two touchdown passes that led the Jackrabbits to victory.

The student section and cheer squad were loud and even had a moment with the football team, who was across the field. From throwing beach balls, to t- shirt cannons, it was a great day to be a Jackrabbit. When “Don’t Stop Believin’” played, many in the stands turned on their flashlights and waved them at the players, and some of the players turned their’s on right back!

After the win, the football team came and danced with Poly’s student section as well. It was a truly touching moment for Poly students and staff. After not having a Wilson vs. Polygame in 2020, everyone was glad that the tradition continues to live on and to be back at the game.

CIC student Mason Alfaro said, “Not only was the game entertaining but also the whole ambiance of the night was so right. The cheerleaders cheering and playing music that took everyone in the audience back and me and my friends just singing along laughing, taking pictures.” He also related the night to being like a movie.

More students also expressed how much fun the game was, including CIC student Daylynn Sierra, who said that his experience at the game was “really one to remember.” He added, “Seeing all my ] friends really happy and hyped to see one of the best rivalry games in Long Beach. It was really fun to see all the people come and support both teams in a friendly environment.”

Even students on the losing side expressed how merry the game was. 

Wilson Technology pathway student Elon Muradzikwa noted, “This is the first night that I was able to see all of the people I care about in one place. Also being my first football game that I have watched, I’m glad it was the infamous Poly vs Wilson game.” She also says it was “one of the best high school nights” that she has experienced so far.

The Wilson vs. Poly game has been a tradition since 1932, This is the 89th time theJackrabbits and Bruins have met on the field, and it has been 28 years since Wilson has beatPoly. There is a large chance that the Jackrabbits can make it to thirty years, with the zeal they have on the field. The two schools are naturally rivals, the longest Long Beach Sports rivalry there is. Still, sportsmanship and respect is shown in all sports, including football.