Halloween Kills Met With Mixed Reactions From Students.

Halloween Kills, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Andi Matichak, is slated to come out this October 15 in theaters and on the Peacock streaming platform.

The movie, which is a direct sequel to Halloween (2018), is releasing after multiple trailers have dropped, including a final trailer that was posted on September 20. The trailers have been accompanied by lots of promotional material across different social media platforms.

The movie is set to focus on the main Strode women, who have been terrorized by Michael Myers for three generations.

“After watching the trailer, the approach the movie is going in with them seems well written,” said Poly PACE sophomore Genevie Lumada. “They correlate with modern day change of women empowerment and I’m all for it.”

The movie is also supposed to be one of the goriest installments of the franchise so far. The trailer alone shows Michael Myers on a rampage, killing multiple characters in a few seconds alone.

Joshua Chauy, a Poly CIC freshman, shared, “It looks really nice, with all of the gore. I’m ex- cited.”

The film is additionally shown to be a nostalgic callback for diehard Halloween fans. The final trailer shows characters from the original movie, like Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace, being terrorized by Michael Myers once again, 43 years later.

“I notice all of the kids are grown up in the trailer, which is exciting,” Chauy added, “But I don’t think it will be better than the original.”

However, some who have been disappointed with the Halloween movies are hoping Halloween Kills will revitalize the series.

Victoria Heng, a Poly PACE sophomore, said she is, “…hoping it’s better than the original… I was underwhelmed by the Halloween franchise’s earlier movies.”

The release of Halloween Kills adds to the excitement horror fans are feeling during the month of October. On top of the film, the trailer for the upcoming movie Scream (2022) was released alongside the first episode of the new Chucky TV series on October 12. The new television series, I Know What You Did Last Summer, an adaptation of the novel and 1997 slasher with the same name, is also set to come out on October 15.