This Club Is Just Playing Games

Gaming club, this club is really fun and you can chill with your friends. I highly recommend you come. It’s located is 806. The Club advisor is science teacher Masaru “Kent” Kawai. He teaches things all about physics. The thing is that you can bring food in the club for anyone or for yourself. I also like how it is chill and like there are fun people to play some video games with.

My name is Isaac Chhuom and I am a senior. I am the vice president of the club. I keep track of everything that is happening. I’m also the DJ. There are some freshmen, sophomores, and many juniors and seniors.

Icarus Gonzalez is the Treasurer. He keeps track of the money. He is also in charge of what type of games that we want to play. He does well in his position as Treasurer and is a good friend to talk to. Evan Soth is the president of the club. He even keeps track of the students and also tells us the upcoming events. We make our announcements every time we meet up. He is strong and independent in his role and is the best person also. Both of them are 11th graders.

The secretary is Jason Khem. He makes sure people check up on the list. He loves his position and he also is in 11th grade. He wants to be in charge of the food and drink that you buy. What else snacks are there? The snacks he brings are chips or cookies. He is always prepared when someone is hungry. The thing is that he is trustworthy also and never makes any mistakes at all.

Club member, Melany Toch said the other club members are cool and the games that we play. Toch likes the club cabinet members. She wants to have a cosplay contest. What she doesn’t like is the variety of the games.

Another club member is Ashley Rodriguez. She likes how it is competitive and everyone gets along most of the time. She doesn’t like how the seats are.

She likes the projector where it is at but not how laggy the game is sometimes.

Ruben Rivera likes that the club is kinda quiet and wasn’t out of control. What else, there weren’t too many people, but there were a lot of people to talk to. What else are there common interests? He agrees with Rodriguez about the game lags. He wants more people to go and more games to play.

One final club member is Nathan Bay. He says it was a good atmosphere. There were lots of different stations. He thinks there should be better tournaments. He likes the music and he thinks that the adviser, Mr. Kawai, does a good job.