College Applications Season

Class of 2022 Seniors in November were able to apply to their desired colleges to pursue their undergraduate careers. Students have spent their high school years striving  to complete their education with impressive results beneficial to their admission in the college of their choice.

Students at Poly submitted their college applications by the end of November to have a great chance of getting a spot inside the college of their choice. On campus, there were several resources available to students who required help filling out applications. SWARM, a college and career event opened for any seniors who needed a day to fill out applications, commenced November 15 at the Library. USC advisors were also present assisting all the student attendees. Poly’s team at the College and Career Center was always available to seniors and other students interested in gaining more information about college and the application process, “Seniors, right now the time is to make sure you guys complete your college applications for either the Cal-States, UCs, private or out-of-state schools the deadline for the Cal-States and UCs is November 30. We are here to help you guys in the Career Center to finish those apps,” one of the amazing specialists at the Career Center, Sylvia Womack, stated, The College and Career center additionally was available virtually to get those applications completed. FAFSA (Free Application For Financial Student Aid) applications aren’t due until March but it was highly suggested to turn them in early in order to ensure a better chance of receiving financial aid. Feedback is always available from Poly’s College and Career advisors. They were helpful in reviewing those college essays. Sylvia Womack added that there are always workshops in the College and Career Center Wednesdays and Thursdays that students were always welcome to attend.

Seniors at Poly are both excited and slightly perturbed at the idea of graduating and becoming young adults. “It’s definitely exhilarating to see seniors moving through campus discussing their college choices and the fields they’d like to pursue,” said Wendy Vazquez, a senior herself at Poly. One eager senior, Julissa Doval averred, “The process was definitely time consuming but it was worth it especially with the support I had from friends and peers around me, I was always being encouraged to apply and ask questions if needed”. All students were encouraged by staff and educators to fill out their applications, and they are all excited to see the results of their hard work and dedication.