Addison Rae: He’s All That….


On August 27, 2021, Singer and TikTok Star Addison Rae, debuted in her first Netflix film called He’s all that. 

Rae, who has 84.7 Million of followers on Tiktok, was very excited to be given the opportunity she said to the paparazzi once the film streamed live. The film was filmed locally in Los Angeles, California and it was a remake of the old film named She’s all that, which debuted on January 28, 1999. They were sponsored by many companies, some being TikTok, Eos, and many more.

Pagget, who is  a very popular influencer, bets with one of her friends that she can help one of her classmates into being the next prom king. This movie has accumulated numerous mixed emotions from watchers, but for the most part many people find it cringey. Many people including myself noticed some strange details from the movie one being when she’s allegedly passing out fliers, but isn’t. Not to mention, their green screen is so noticeable and poorly used. Some examples include when the character Laney Boggs is driving or when they’re having a party near the beach.

On the other hand, some people pointed out how Rae’s ex boyfriend Bryce Hall also premieres in it and how one of her friends Kourtney Kardashian, does too. People were caught off guard that Kourtney came out in it since she hardly comes out in anything aside from her own family’s reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. After the film, many people speculated if Rae and Hall began dating, since they got relatively close after the premiere. However, these rumors were false.

Overall, the Netflix film is a love/hate movie for many people whether it be about the movie or just Rae herself, since she does find herself in many controversies. 

Lastly, Netflix said that they signed a multi-movie deal with Rae, which is the start of a new career path for her.