Taking off the mask, good idea? Or not?

As Covid-19 rates die down, CoDC officials say we’re approaching an end to the global pandemic, at least in the nation.m m s/ Therefore, on February 28, California Governor Newsom announced starting March 1, the outdoor mask mandate will be lifted for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Adding on, it was announced that most indoor settings such as schools and any childcare facilities would no longer require masks from March 11. Schools could have their own update on policies about the requirement of masks after the mandate lift goes into effect.

LBUSD posted an update of their policies on February 28, after Newsom’s announcement. The update of the policies state the new guidance would take effect on March 12, meaning from then on, masks are only strongly recommended at school but not required. This obviously causes a lot of controversy on going back to “normal life” or just continuing to personally use a mask.

In my opinion, I don’t see life ever going back to before masks off because it just doesn’t seem normal anymore. Adding on, as we saw during winter break, Covid cases surged throughout those months reaching numbers we’ve never seen before. Who’s to say during spring break cases won’t start increasing again?

I personally really don’t see the cons of wearing masks, they help with so much. Not only do they protect others and yourself, it helps with anxiety, not wearing makeup or covering a zit, hiding facial expressions, and so much more. Masks have always been controversial for whatever reason, so we will see how many people take advantage of the lifting of the mandate.

I’m honestly really curious to see how it goes and who participates in it, just for fun. I wonder if teachers will also partake in the mask lift.