Poly’s Trash Problem

Poly is a big school with lots of students and a lot of activity, and it’s especially active at lunch. It’s a good thing that our school is so lively and full of energy, but one of the biggest problems our school has is what our campus looks like when lunch is over.This school year, it seems as if the campus has more trash outside and near the trashcans than actually in them, and that’s where the problem starts.

There are trash cans everywhere on campus, you can’t walk around for too long without seeing one. The question really is: If we have trash cans available, why is there still so much trash on the floor?

The answer is simply just laziness and lack of concern, and that’s not good enough. If you can put your trash so close to the trash can, you can spend a couple extra seconds making sure your trash ends up in the trash can. I’ve seen whole pizza slices left on the floor, along with trays and juice boxes and bags of chips. The trash that is left on the floor causes so many other problems, like the seagulls that fly around during and after lunch is over.

The seagulls that fly around here are looking for food. The food they find is our leftovers that are left on the floor. I don’t know about you, but I think the chances of being pooped on by a bird on the way to fifth period is too high. That chance could easily drop if trash was left where it’s supposed to be, in the trash can.

Poly’s trash problem has an easy fix: put your trash where it belongs, not on the floor. If a trash can is full, go to another one. It really isn’t difficult. The trash left behind for someone else or something else to clean up is unacceptable. We as a school can all do better at keeping our campus clean.