Senior Year Stressing

As a senior in CIC I’m feeling a lot of emotions due to graduation approaching. I will be attending CSUDH for the following four years and I am ecstatic for a new start with different people on a different campus. The class of 2022 had half of sophomore year cut short and continued junior year online. Most students didn’t take the SAT as it wasn’t mandatory and this was a relief to most. From being a freshman not knowing where all the buildings were and rushing to class to now approaching graduation in less than 3 months is unreal. Within these past four years we’ve all witnessed the stress during finals, our first dance, learning how to be independent, and creating endless memories with friends we’ve created. It’s unfortunate that no longer will I be walking through these hallways or hearing the loudspeaker every morning as a student at Poly but the memories will forever remain.

I asked a couple of seniors on their decisions after high school. 48% of these seniors decided to go to a CSU, 15% of seniors decided on a UC and 37% of seniors are deciding to go to a community college. One Poly Senior, Julianna Ponce in Pacrim, will be attending LBCC and transferring to a 4 year college after completing her first two years. Although she is excited to leave, she’s a bit nervous about adulthood. It sure might feel overwhelming transitioning from highschool and adapting to the very different environment of college. Senior Jocelyn Gonzalez in Justice will be attending either a CSU or LBCC and will pursue her career path in forensic physiology. Gonzalez commented, “I am overwhelmed but excited.” The path to adulthood is never easy but our hope is seniors take advantage of the time they have left here at Poly and approach these new experiences with lots of enthusiasm.