Is Kylie Jenner Faking Her Sympathy?

On February 28, 2022, Russia had invaded Ukraine, killing at least 352 people. Shortly after these tragic events, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to say, “God protect the people of Ukraine,” and, “My thoughts and prayers are with you.” Here’s where the story should end, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Just 2 hours later, Jenner posted a promotional video for her company’s new range of lip kits and colors. Many people were a bit caught by this. Not liking the idea of self promotion after handing out “sympathy” to others who need it.

In my opinion, Jenner only posted her “thoughts and prayers” to Ukraine so she could get it out of the way. When you are someone who constantly has eyes on you, any move could be the wrong one. If Jenner went days without posting anything about Ukraine, she would have gotten backlash for a different thing. @ellenaliisa_, a user on Twitter took the time to say, “I hope i’m not the only one annoyed by the fact, that (for example) Kylie Jenner hasn’t shown ANY support to Ukraine today on her social media, and instead just posts about her new lipkits??” Ellen had said that she was quite irritated that Jenner had just been posting and posting about her cosmetics line, and not about Ukraine. This is a perfect example of different perspectives. Jenner would have received the hate anyways. I think she just posted that so people would stop giving her backlash for not saying anything at all. That being the reason she just carried on with her new cosmetics being out.

Now that Ms. Jenner had actually posted something, why were people still upset? The reason being that she is claimed, by many individuals, to be “tone deaf.” The definition of “tone deaf” is described as “insensitive and offensive as a result of not noticing the current social context.” So many perspectives of this situation are coming out. Many are saying that Jenner could have waited a minimum of 24 hours before posting a promotion for her own benefit. Lavanya VJ on Meaww.Com wrote, “Kylie Jenner has been branded ‘tone deaf’ after she promoted her new range of lip glosses on social media , right after she sent her prayers to people of Ukraine suffering from Russian invasion on Monday.” A user on tik tok also said, “All I’m gonna say is- look up the words ‘tone deaf’ for those of you who are defending someone who will never know you exist.” Jenner has also been called out for faking her sympathy for the Astroworld incident back in October 2021. Everyone learns from their mistakes, but seeing that Jenner did this exact same thing twice says that she’s very ignorant and does not know how to read the room. When people are dying, it is never right to promote yourself higher. Jenner could have donated to the many pages all over the internet to help Ukraine instead of posting a simple “I’m Sorry.” So many other great people are donating money and educating their followers about the situation. There are so many better ways she could have shared how she felt, and so many things she could have done to actually help the people of Ukraine. If her sympathy was completely authentic, she would be doing anything she can to help because we all know that saying a simple two words will not help anyone or anything. Jenner needs to own up to her mistakes and at least attempt to learn from them.