LA Galaxy Wins at Home Stadium

On February 27th, LA Galaxy had an opener at 2p.m. against the New York City FC at their home stadium in Carson, The Dignity Health Sport Park. Before they started, Players and everyone in the stadium gave their respects and silence to the devastating issue that is happening in Ukraine at the moment.

As the game started 5 min in, #10 Douglas Costa almost made a half field goal but was blocked by Sean Johnson the goalkeeper for NYCFC. Costa again made another shot, but was blocked once again and fans were disappointed when they thought he was going to make that shot. Galaxy had opportunities to make goals but lucky for NYCFC the shots were saved.

#9 Kevin Cobral took the ball and made a shot but was blocked and fans were shocked because during the first two games when Galaxy played against New England and DC United, Cobral carried his team with a good amount of goals during those two games, so fans were counting on him to make that shot for the team. The game was still going as both of the teams were still at zero goals.

Tobey Groome a senior student  at Polytechnic High said, “Going into it, I was a bit nervous because NYCFC is a good team and you never know what to expect for the first game at the season especially because NYCFC won last year so I was expecting a draw or a loss to be honest.”  But in the last minute no one had it coming when #14 Javier Hernandez known as “Chicharito” made an astonishing goal that made the whole stadium go crazy and jumpy. Groome said, “I was super happy they got the win especially as the winning goal came so late in the game.”

Fans were yelling, throwing their drinks and booing at NYCFC because they had lost. Workers were throwing LA Galaxy T-shirts to fans that stood up and were trying their best to get the shirts. Overall the game was the best and crowded with so many people, and not to mention their food prices were higher than the tickets itself.