Mask Mandate

We’ve spent months wearing all types of masks to prevent catching Covid-19. But, with time, we found better ways of keeping ourselves safe. As more people get vaccinated and fewer Covid cases arise, California, along with other states, eased on the mask mandate. Recently the California Governor, Gavin Newsom, stated that starting March 1, the state may allow the public to enter the indoors without a mask. After March 11, places such as schools and daycare centers may also drop the mask mandate. This announcement was met with different reactions. Students all over Poly shared their views on the announcement. 

In response to how he thinks the mask mandate lift may work out, 10th grader Omar Estrada said, “I personally see no difference since everyone already basically has no masks outside of class but overall I think everything will be the same.” 11th grader, Jessica Diaz believes that we will see a split all around the school between students with masks and without. 

In addition, 11th grader Danisha Bo said, “People should keep wearing their masks, not everybody is vaccinated, and people will get more sick, it will spread exponentially to the point we might go back to zoom.” Bo also added that people should get vaccinated and be mindful of other students, as they might have people at home like elderly people or people who can’t afford to get covid at home. 

11th grader Jannah Mohammed believes that if people want to wear their masks is up to them, as she understands it gets hot, and hard to breathe, especially in some classrooms that don’t have an AC. 11th grader Vanessa Cruz said that she doesn’t care if students want to wear their masks, it’s up to them. They all agreed that they would continue to wear their masks to stay safe and believe people should not judge others for wearing or not wearing their masks. 

When asked if they think the lift will create an impact such as a surge, Diaz said, “I don’t think so because there’s a vaccine for it. I think it’s going to be normal.” Estrada said, “Yeah, Covid cases at our school may increase a bit more. But nothing big enough to shut down schools for two years again.” 

Overall some students like Diaz, Estrada, Bo, Mohammed, Cruz all mentioned that they would continue wearing their masks in their classrooms.

Wearing masks became the new norm. Only being able to see eyes and the top of heads is something expected when going outside. Most were fine with wearing them, knowing it would ensure their safety, while others had difficulty with the mandate. When the vaccine was created, many received the shot, which made a better fighting immune system against Covid. Having the vaccine, vaccine booster, and wearing a mask were all great combinations for avoiding Covid-19. Now, with the choice of wearing masks, there is no knowing how things will work out. All you can do is decide on whether you want to continue wearing masks or not, the choice is yours.