Why Bill Nye is better than regular science class

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a cultural icon who has taught millions all over the globe, and almost everyone has something good to say about him. Regular science teachers on the other hand are often despised. Why is that? I believe that it’s due to how the material is presented, for example Bill Nye is hyperactive and keeps his audience engaged with every little segment, while science teachers are often slow and unengaging. This causes students to gravitate towards Bill Nye over regular teachers.

I decided to watch an episode of Bill Nye about Chemistry. This is because I was learning about it in class and I felt like I learned the material better, and it was more fun. Although Bill Nye talks fast and everything is a little sped up for the purpose of putting as much as you can in a 20 min video you do get a lot of information.

This being said, it does not mean you should watch Bill Nye over paying attention to teachers.This is because although Bill Nye is more fun and you get a bang for your buck, in science class the teachers go into in depth detail and make sure you understand the material. The video I watched on Bill Nye only covered half of the unit from my science class and it didn’t really help for the inevitable test. While all this is true, Bill Nye is a great way to scratch the surface of any science topic and is a very fast/enjoyable way of getting this information.


(Disclaimer:this article is not to bash teachers it’s only for fun)