The Debate Team

Throughout the month of September to March, our very own Debate team has been competing for a chance to compete for the state championships in April, which they succeeded in doing.  They’ve been discussing various speeches including bills and legislation and spontaneous argument also know as SPAR, which they have ten minutes to prep for. The topics could be random or in some cases picked from a list. Our team consists of thirty-two students, some being Samantha Williams, Inanna Khansa, Alexis Lam, and Althea Agul. This year two seniors being Inanna Khansa and Hamid Torabzadeh were both nominated to compete at state, which is a great opportunity for them to get experience and to build up their resumes. 

In total there has been a number of 12 tournaments, which they succeeded in winning five. They been prepping once every week during their club and Alexander is proud of how far they have come. He said,” I believe some of my students can make it to the nationals and not just state.”

Alexander has been competing at state and congress for 29 years and still is very passionate about it regardless of it being online last and this year. He said, “We have been having a good year and I’m very proud of how far we have come because my students have been working very hard.” Last year one of Alexander’s students was a semi finalist and considering it was online it was probably a tuff match. Aside from just teaching his kids tips about the competitions he helps distress them from any anxiety by getting them to the competitions in time, getting them plenty of food and water, and Lots of encouragement. 

The sessions vary as they could range from an hour to an hour and a half. However each events are uniquely different. For example, A varsity level prompt two speech get two mins to prep, whereas a noves tournament  get five minutes to prep, which can be very impactful since the students are on a major time crunch. 

Their last at state tournaments is a three day tournament from April 29 to May 1st and their last competition is the week right after being either the 6 or 7th of May. Around ten to fifteen students are going to Compete and the students are looking forward to it and many more.