Batman movie review 


               The movie is really good and I like all the actors and the suspense. The actors are Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz , Barry Keoghan, Andy Serkis and Paul Dano . I really like how there were lots of good action scenes that I liked a lot all about the beginning where they were fighting in the subway. There are lots of  other good scenes too . This movie has lots of suspense and interesting scenes when Batman is trying to solve the riddles. “If you are Justice please do not lie”. I was mind blown about the movie and liked  the outfit designs and of the soundtracks. Also the thing is that the acting they do is very good. I say that they should win an Oscar award for how good the movie is. I even like the costume designs also. I really even like the  theme of it also. My opinion about the Batman movie is that it is the best movie out there. There were some emotional parts in the movie even. I even liked how there were  funny parts in the movie.  The rating is a 10/10 on every part it is of the details and comic accuracy.  My favorite part in the movie is the stadium scene. I even like the theme of it where the place takes place at. I even like how  there were lots of emotional scenes. I really like how Catwomen and Batman gadgets are  and how strong they are. I do like how the Riddler is written well and all of the other characters. What else is that they have good types of fancy cars. From what I say about this theory about the kid in the funeral scene that Bruce Wayne saves , it might be Robin but we don’t know which Robin it is . The movie is like 2hr and 56 mins. It was worth it to watch the movie. I say that this movie might take place in a different universe.