Taking Action with Poly Global Fund

This year Poly Global Fund adds to Poly High School’s wide variety of clubs. Around the beginning of August before the school year began 11th grade PACE students Lail Khansa and Jacob David realized that Poly did not have a club that helped communities suffering internationally and decided to take action. 

Khansa, the club president, started the club with the goal of trying to help people. He said “I started the club to help people that suffer from issues out of their control such as hurricanes or countries with high crime and poverty. This became especially important to me after visiting a third world country and seeing how poorly people were living.”

 Poly Global Funds main purpose is raising awareness for multiple different causes as well as donating and providing aid to various non profits. The group meets up and discusses diverse problems not only in the community but around the world. Members also participate in voting on what cause to donate and provide for in this school year’s upcoming quarter.  For example David said “We want others at Poly to know that there are Syrian refugees who are struggling to just find and provide basic shelter or food for their families.”

11th grade PACE student Matthew Long said “I like the concept of the club and the idea of putting resources together to assist those in need. Even if our donations are not large in value, the club brings attention to global issues, especially those that are not as widely recognized.”

Poly Global Funds is also a very inclusive and welcoming group. David said “The club meetings are a great way for my friends and I who all come from different backgrounds to come together for a greater cause.” 

Khansa said “There are people from other pathways that meet together and are donating to certain causes making them feel more a part of the community at Poly.” 

Long said “I joined the club initially because my friends, Jacob and Lail, came up with the club during the summer and I wanted to help the idea come to fruition.” Long also said being an active member in Poly Global Fund makes him feel more included in the Poly Community as he has met new people and he is hoping to expand the club so people across campus can also feel a part of the charitable community. 

Meetings for Poly Global Fund are held every gold Friday in Sarah Schol’s classroom (309). By donating or participating in Poly Global Funds future projects will help the community along with those all across the globe, aiming to help the world one cause at a time.

 According to the World Vision website 689 million people live in extreme poverty surviving off of less than $1.90 a day, as well as more than 600 million children currently experiencing multidimensional poverty right now. You can help fight poverty by volunteering at local homeless shelters and low income schools, attending rallies and demonstrations to increase awareness and many other options.