Longer Passing Periods

Here at Polytechnic High School, many students that have attended over the past years or months have had to run to their class in seven minutes or less. Poly only gives their students about seven minutes to get to class, which seems fair until you look at the campus itself, walking up three flights of stairs, or shoving through students in hallways to get to class on time, but still end up being late? Could longer passing periods improve Poly’s tardy rates?

If students had longer passing periods, they would be able to focus better and it would all in all benefit both teacher and student.

Students, not only at Poly, but at many other schools have thoughts on their passing periods. Since passing periods are so short, it causes a frantic rush in the halls and all around campus which leads to problems, Jazlyn Dizon said, “…so we can use the bathroom during passing periods.” When you get to class and ask to use the bathroom, what do teachers always say? ¨Why didn’t you use it during passing.” The simple answer is because it is just too short. A longer passing period should be a simple fix to this problem. A longer passing period would give students more time to come into class prepared.

Another problem students have to face against time is the size of the buildings, especially in high schools. There are three story buildings, huge halls and complicated room numbers. Some classes may be on one side of the school while the next class can be on the other side. Students have to rush to class and even then, this may cause them to be tardy or late. But a simple two or maybe even three minute longer passing period can help with tardies. Aya Yasumura said, “…They [longer passing periods] allow students to take their time and not rush to class.” Now I know what you may be thinking, “who cares if they rush to class?” If you rush someone over, they’re not going to be as prepared or calmed down as they would if they got to take their time to class.

Poly student Belinda Bojorquez said, “Yes, many times I gotta use the bathroom and the lines are too long so I’m late.” When teachers say we should have used the bathroom during passing, we (students) can’t or we’ll end up late to class. A longer passing period would give students the chance to finish all their business before coming to class. Whether it’s gossiping, seeing someone, using the bathroom or anything else, it would let students get out all their extra energy. Teachers would get more focused students and would have to deal with less, “Can I go to the bathroom?”

Passing periods could be as long as nutrition is and maybe we could even switch the time between nutrition and passing periods. Giving students a chance to relax before class. Since nutrition is a chance to take a break before class, if we switched the lengths of times it would still give students time to eat, and relax but now it would give students a chance to relax after each class period.